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iPhone 6 Release DateThe Apple iPhone has been one of the leading smartphones since the initial iPhone back in 2007, I still have the original model and it’s still going strong after six years – amazing.

Now there are some other big boy smartphones around form the likes of Samsung, HTC and Sony. With all this stiff competition Apple will need to pull something pretty special out of their box.

The iPhone 6 will need to be strong and fast with some excellent new features if Apple to hold it’s ever decreasing market share.

There are literally thousands of rumours flying around at the moment surrounding the iPhone 6, these include design, technology and new features, to name just a few, there are also numerous YouTube videos showing fanciful mock-ups including some hard to believe advances such as 3D projection renderings of your friends for conversations.

iPhone 6 Release Date

This is obviously the question everyone is asking, it really does depend if Apple are going to launch a iPhone 5S first. We are betting the iPhone 6 will be released summer 2013, one possible date sticking out amongst the rumours is 29 June 2013, apparently this has been based on Apples production schedule.

iPhone 6 Price

One of the most reliable things about Apple is their consistent,  high pricing, the iPhone 6 will presumably cost around £550 for the 16GB model, £650 for the 64GB and if there is a 128GB, it will probably be around the £750-£800 mark.

What new design features will the iPhone 6 have?

One of the very interesting rumours currently circulating is to do with the ‘Home Button’ or lack of it, the iPhone has always had a physical home button under the screen, however it may be time for Apple to scrap it in their new iPhone 6 design. As the phones have not changed all that much over the years, this may be one of the ‘big’ changes coming; they may opt for the Android style screen navigation buttons in the future.

Some sources are suggesting the iPhone 6 may have the Home Button moved to the side of the device, thus making more room for the screen, which would certainly make sense.

Will there be an iPhone 5S or a Budget iPhone?

Many people assume there will be a iPhone 5S before the iPhone 6 is released, at the moment we are not sure is this is true as Apple always keeps their cards close to their chest.

A budget iPhone would be welcomed by many as Apple is more than a little steep with their pricing. It would be a good idea for Apple to venture into the lower end of the smartphone market, this would get more people on iTunes and downloading all their music, videos and games from Apple.

Apple iPhone 6 will Not Use Samsung Chips

The iPhone 5 is powered by the Apple A6 chip which is manufactured by Samsung, the previous iPhone models also used Samsung chips. Rumours are suggesting that Apple will stop using Samsung processors, does this have anything to do with the disputes and lawsuits between the giant companies?

iPhone 6 Screen – Curved, Wraparound?

One of the rumours everyone is talking about is the screen, Apple has filed a patent for a special wraparound screen using the new flexible AMOLED screen technology. This would definitely make the iPhone 6 a ground-breaking phone. They may however be keeping this sort of screen for a future model, maybe the iPhone 7 or 8. The AMOLED flexible screens will be coming out soon, it’s just a case of who’s first, Samsung are usually pretty good with new innovations, who knows?

Waiting for the iPhone 6?

Do you own an iPhone 5, will you be upgrading to the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 5S? Are you thinking of moving away from Apple? Let us know which manufacture you would go for in the comments section below.

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