iPhone 5 Price, EE 4G Data Options

iPhone 5 Price, EE 4GThe iPhone 5 has been out for a while now, but we want to get it on the fast 4G networks. They are going to offer both 24 month and 12 month contracts. Sadly we will not be able to get unlimited data options. When EE was asked why this is, they pointed to the fact that their 3G customers usually go for data packages between 500MB and 1GB.

However we will be using a much faster download service, which means we will be watching more videos and much more bandwidth eating content. I guess EE want to test the waters and obtain some statistics on how much people are actually going to use, and more to the point, will the network be able to cope with such a high demand?

iPhone Price on EE

EE’s 24 month contracts come with data options starting at 500MB, with a maximum of 8GB. The cheapest option is the 16GB iPhone 5 with 500MB of data, this will cost £180 up front for the hand set, with a monthly payment of £36.

If you want the 64GB iPhone 5 with 8GB of data, you will need to pay £140 for the handset, with a monthly cost of £56.

12 Month EE 4G iPhone 5 Contracts

EE have also announced they will offer 12 month contracts, the handset prices will be the same as the 24 month contracts. The monthly tariff will be higher. The cheapest 12 month contract will cost £46 per month, with 500MB of data. If you’re looking for the maximum 8GB of data, you’ll need to pay £66 per month.

EE’s 24 Month iPhone 5 options:

Handset500MB – £36/Month1GB – £41/Month3GB – £46/Month5GB – £51/Month8GB – £56/Month
iPhone 5 16GB£179.99£109.99£49.99£29.99£19.99
iPhone 5 32GB£269.99£219.99£149.99£99.99£29.99
iPhone 5 64GB£379.99£269.99£219.99£189.99£139.99
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