Here at Top News Online we have a number of Authors to help us keep content upto date and fresh. If you have an issue with any articles or need some clarification then you can find all the details below to contact all of us.

Stephen McConville (Sports Writer)
Stephen has now had 7 years experience in sports writing for a number of small papers and websites. We are pleased to have him onboard to provide us with his indepth coverage off all sport in the world.

Francis Pybis (International Correspondent)
Francis has a large interest in internation news, with no formal experience in news writing we decided to give this guy a chance and he seems to be pulling some good articles for the world to read.

Django Latimer (Technology Expert)
Fresh out of college with a platitude of experience in writing for the media, Django is brought on board to be our technical expert about everthing in the modern world.

Paul Jones (Business Expert)
With a number of small business built then sold on, paul is in a prime position to educate us all on the business world. He will bring you all the news as and when you need it.
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