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There is understandably masses of speculation on the release date for the upcoming iPhone 6, previously we have heard rumours pointing to an early 2014.
However we are seeing large reductions in price of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, in the past this has indicated an imminent new product release.

Another of the main debates is regarding version of the iPhone, will Apple go straight for the iPhone 6 or will we see an iPhone 5S, as we did with the Iphone 4 and 4S?

There are three main guesses for the release date of the iPhone 6, firstly July 2013 is looking hot, no specific date though. Then there are many news sources and blogs going for an August 2013 release. I’m thinking September 2013 simply because it was a September 12 2012 announcement for the iPhone 5, we obviously cannot know for sure at this point.

iPhone 6 Features

We have bee eagerly looking at the latest buzz surrounding possible new features on the iPhone 6.

Power Under the Hood
Firstly the current processor in the iPhone 5 is a dual-core A6, we might see the processor go from 2 cores to 4 cores with the new quad-core A7 beast. This means the phone will run perfectly smooth with improved power efficiency, great news for power hungry gamers and heavy users.

We all want a good amount of storage these days, with all the videos and photos in perfect HD comes high file sizes. The iphone 5 is available in three flavours, 16, 32 and 64GB. We are hopping the iPhone 6 will come with a 128GB option, however it will be costly.

iPhone 6 Camera
Cameras in the latest smartphones are producing some super photos and videos, the iPhone 5 features an 8MP back camera, the same one in the iPhone 4S. We are in for a treat with a new 13MP sensor for the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen, there are talks suggesting there may be two screen options available for the iPhone 6, these would be 4.7 and 5.7-inches. The 4.7 seems a reasonable option, many of the current Android offerings are around this size. The Google Nexus 4 is exactly 4.7-inches and the Samsung Galaxy 4 is 5-inches.

4G and Wi-Fi on the iPhone 6
At the moment in the UK we only have one 4G provider at the moment; Everything Everywhere, soon the other big names will be launching their version, the iPhone 6 will have updates superfast 4G internet capabilities.

There is a good chance Apple will use the supersonic 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard in there new phone, this will allow us to view media and browse the web smoothly.

iPhone 6 Price
The question everyone wants to know is how much will the iPhone 6 cost, we are thinking the 32GB will be around £500 ($750) in the USA, 64GB £600 ($900) and the 128GB if there is one could be £700 ($1050).

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