What Is Chevy Sema, I Have The Answer

Ok i logged onto twitter this morning and found that Chevy Sema is currently leading the top trends on the massively popular social media website. So i have made it my business to sit down and find out exactly what it is for everyone who wanted to know.

For those not in the know, the chevy is obviously a make of car but unlike my first thought SEMA is not a model of car! It is a show that is hosted every year in Las Vegas to show off new and exciting cars for the future. It stands for Specialist Equipment Market Asociation.

How this leads back to Chevy? Well Chevy send some pretty nice cars there year after year and they are currently one of the front runners to receive a prize for the best car. This prize will come with a little bit of cash to help produce it and probably a nice little trophy.

I hope this information is a little bit of use to you as I couldnt find out what it was using twitter because of the number of spammers that like to piggy back on it.

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