Facebook Browser Rockmelt download started Sunday


There is a new web browser in town, if you’re into social networking; it’s perfect for you.

Rockmelt browser has many social benefits that are not currently found in the regular internet explorer / Firefox browsers.

The Rockmelt experience is all about sharing and communicating with your friends. The browser makes it very easy to share a video or link from any site you visit, either on Facebook or Twitter. These are the two main integrations at the moment, with more to follow.

One of the great benefits with Rockmelt is the ability to login and use it wherever you are; it has full backing from the cloud.

Once logged in you will see pictures of your friends vertically on the left of the browser, in order of activity. You are able to see if they are online and their current status.

On the right side you will have web sites, if you click on Facebook for example; you will see your notifications all neatly formatted in a window.


These windows are used for all the sharing and chat, which means no more flicking through many separate browser windows or chat clients.
Logging in will give you a quick socially amalgamated area where you will receive updates from friends, colleagues and favourite sites.

The Rockmelt browser backend is based on the project behind Google Chrome named Chromium, which itself is based on WebKit; an html layout engine.

If you would like to give it a try, the Rockmelt download is available now, bear in mind it is a beta version, there will inevitably be a few little bugs lurking.

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