iPhone 5S Price, Apple Press Confrence

iPhone 5S Price

It looks like there will be two models shown off today in California at the Apple show. The first will be there new luxury model, the iPhone 5S or possible the iPhone 6, this will likely be priced at around £450 for the 32GB model, £550 for the 64Gb model and £650 for the 128GB monster, if they decide to release a 128GB model, let’s hope they do.

The iPhone 5C will be the cheaper alternative, great news for low income families and developing countries. We are hoping the price will be significantly reduced on this one, the rumours are rife, we are plumping for a price of between £200 and £350, obviously there’s quite a bit of difference in those prices, we are waiting patiently to see what Apple will announce. It’s getting very close now.

Iphones have always been expensive, are the new cheaper models a good idea for Apple, it will surly help with iTunes sales of music, apps, games and movies. There is a possibility that the iPhone 5C will only be available in China, as Apple would love to scoop up all those subscribers.

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Francis Pybis