Nintendo Launching 3DS XL, Bigger Screen & Better Battery

Nintendo Launch 3DS XLNintendo have announced their shiny new DS model, this new handheld will feature a bigger screen, coming in at 4.88-inches, this is 90% larger than the original 3DS’s screen.

They have also improved the battery life on the 3DS XL, however that’s where the improvements seem to end.

The new 3DS XL is set to launch 1.5 years after the original 3DS, in the summer 2012. Apparently the new XL will not come with a AC adapter, as Nintendo are trying to keep the costs down. It will come with the 4-GB SD card, just like the predecessor.

The 3DS XL will cost you around $200 USD. It’s all set to launch on July 28 in Europe, August 19 in Australia and New Zealand, and August 19 in the US.

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Francis Pybis