Falling Bears Not Falling Leaves!

Falling Bears not falling leaves!At the University of Colorado in Boulder a brown bear spent most of the morning wandering around the campus near the Williams Village domertories, then the 200 pound bear decided to climb around 15ft up a tree.

Wildlife officials and the campus police decided to dart and tranquilize the bear because of the close proximity to the students and the potential danger it might cause. The CU police department spokesman Ryan Huff told the Denver Post the bear had been resting in the tree for around two hours before the sedated him; officials placed a large black mat under the tree in readiness for the bears fall.

Andy Dunn of Cuindependant.com captured the most amusing shot of the bear falling with his paws outstretched as the campus police and wildlife officials watching on. The male bear was allowed to rest on the mat for a while before his was moved into a cage.

Lots of students caught the tumbling bear on their smart phones and cameras and some where even brave enough to put their hands through the bars of the cage so they could stroke the tranquilised bear’s paws.

Jennifer Churchill a spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife said the bear was later tagged and released in the mountains west of Boulder, she also added that this is the time bears come out of hibernation and often head to populated areas looking for food.Falling Bears not falling leaves!

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