Baby Flamingo with Very Large Feet


Baby Flamingo with very large feetA new baby flamingo showed off his large feet for the first time following mum around in a zoo in Cali, Colombia.

The baby flamingo still hasn’t got enough strength below the bend in his legs to be able to walk around properly yet and his colour will change to the famous pink feathers as he grows, they get the colour in their feathers from beta-carotene found in the algae and shrimp that they feed on.

The South American zoo is home to about 1,800 birds, the baby flamingo should grow to about 4ft tall with a wing span of about 5ft, and these graceful birds are renowned for standing on one leg which helps them reduce heat loss from their body while standing in the cold water it is also thought it is for comfort.

The webbing between their feet helps them when standing in muddy water the unusual shaped beak is designed to scoop through the water sifting for the smallest of food and the tongue pumps water through the mouth to help with this process.Baby Flamingo with very large feetBaby Flamingo with very large feet

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