X Factor Group Rhythmix to Change Name

rhtymix changed nameThe four younge hopefuls who make up Rhythmix will have to change the name of there group half way through the X-Factor competition after the charity with the same name posted a letter on facebook to Simon Cowell. The charity that has been going for around 12 years helps vunerable youngseters to create and perform there own music.

The chief executive Mark Davyd wrote the open letter to Mr Cowell because his company Simco was aware the name was already in use but still had there legal team try to get around the trademark of the charity and neither Mr Cowell or his company had attempted to discuss the implications of what affect this might have on the charity.

Allthough Mr Davyd praised the charity work Simon Cowell has done in the past he still felt the X Factors decision could affect the charities work. At the end of the letter he just he just bluntly asked Mr Cowell to “just change the name”

As a result the X Factor producers have announced that the girls who make up the group Rhythmix have decided to change there name which Talkback THAMES and Syco have said they will support the decision.

X Factor Group Rhythmix to Change Name

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