Bio Fridge concept uses Bio Robots to keep your food cool

This futuristic looking fridge is an entry in the Electrolux Design Labs competition by Yuriy Dmitriev. This fridge would not require electricity and it’s around four times smaller than the conventional fridge.

The idea is that power comes from heat energy in the room which is then converted into a different range of wavelengths to cool the foods.
You would push the food into the gel; each item would have its own pod which would stop odours.
Bio Robots would identify the type of food and then keep each item at its optimal temperature.
The Bio fridge does look really good, however when will it technically possible.

Then there is the problem of space, we have many large items; milk for instance can be quite bulky. Delicate foods like a slice of cake would have o be boxed first.

The bio fridge would be completely silent with no moving parts and the products would be easy to spot. The gel would not be sticky and would have no smell.
Having a bio fridge which does not need power would be great, is this a viable alternative?

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Francis Pybis