Halifax Credit Card; All in One with 5 colours to choose from

Are you are looking for a good offer on balance transfers and purchases?
The Halifax all in One Credit Card offers a special introductory rate for both balance transfers and purchases of 0% for 10 months; there is a balance transfer fee of 3%.

This credit card gives you a typical APR rate of 15.9% which is variable. Other Halifax extras include around the clock customer service. You will be charged no interest on purchases as long as every statement is paid fully by the stated date.

You can manage the Halifax credit card online; the card will be replaced if lost. You receive cover against fraud when making a purchase over the internet.

There is no annual fee for the all in one card. The Halifax credit card is accepted wherever you see the MasterCard sign; which is in over 24 million locations around the world.
You also get to choose out of 5 colours for the card.

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Francis Pybis