Bad Service? UK came 14th in 2010 international customer service rankings

Customer service in the UK leaves a lot to be desired, from shops to restaurants. We also came in at a disappointing 13th for our “Welcome” to visitors.

With only a few months until the royal wedding; we need to start being more friendly and welcoming.

When going to buy a magazine in a shop, there is usually no greeting and sometime no eye contact. Bad service seems to be everywhere in the UK right now.

One of the reasons for the poor attitude in restaurants may be that many people see the waiting job as just a part time thing and not a real job / career. So they tend not to stay long and in some cases care as much as they should.

In other European countries such as Italy, Spain and France the service sector is promoted as a proper career.

Business owners are saying that it is really hard to find trustworthy workers who will look after customers. There is a general lack of customer care awareness at the moment.
65% of businesses are saying that there workers do not have the right customer service skills.

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Francis Pybis