Is Time Travelling a Real Possibility? Proof?


It has been brought into question, the possibility of time travel after a series of archive videos and photos seem to be showing a little bit of proof that time travelling has actually occured.

How does someone prove that you have time travelled? Well basically, it has emmerged that some archive footage from Chaplin appears to show someone walking past the camera on a mobile telephone! Yes it is shocking I know and the first thing I thought is, time travelling hoax!

The time travelling video has also been checked and double checked for authenticity and it appears that the time travelling video has never been altered once! What do you think now? Is this time travelling video real? I personally think its a massive ellaborate hoax however I do have a little bit of doubt! It appears as though the figure is holding a mobile phone and talking to someone although some people may suggest that the time traveller is holding anything from their ear to anything what so ever and talking to themselves.

I want to know your opinion of the so called time traveller, do you believe time travelling has happened or is this just a huge ellaborate hoax that, so far, has fooled most of the world? Let me know your time travelling thoughts using the comments.

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