Youtube Funny Videos are Loved By All, Apple to Try?

October 27, 2010 9:55 pm 0 comments

I suppose its probably no surprise to anyone to find that youtube seems to be everyones number one place to see videos wether it be funny videos, sports videos or anything else that might just be on youtube. There are hundreds and hundreds of video websites out there however youtube is certainly number one! Shouldnt Apple make one?

All day today, Google trends shows us all, just which word is currently receiving the most search. These are obviously all clean searches as you can only imagine what people search for on a daily basis. Today, youtube has lead the way all day, there has been a couple of news stories involving youtube which might have caused it though. For a start youtube has had the most watched videos broken today by one of the lady gaga songs and there has been a list of the top 10 videos on youtube as chosen by the guggenheim museum in new york.

Do you access youtube? Of course you do, everyone has watched a youtube video from time to time, infact some people spend their life searching youtube for the next funniest video! The only question we have here at the techincal department, is why havent apple had a go at this? Everyone knows youtube(google) and apple go head to head with plenty of products.

Would you watch an Apple version of youtube?


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