Xbox 720 Rumours and Release Date

Xbox 720 Release Date.There are loads of rumours flying around about the release date of the new Xbox 720, one recent job posting added to these when Peter Molyneux’s Lionhead studio advertised for developers with a background in DirectX 11 as this is not used in any current gaming consol could it be for the new Xbox?

Another posting by Xbox console architecture team was looking for candidates to develop next generation console, so it would seem the new Xbox is in the making.

As for the release date the Xbox 360 was said to have a life span of 10 years because they can keep upgrading it so it could be as late as 2015, rescent rumours have said it could possibly be previewed at the E3 in June 2012, there have been suggestions it could be 10 times faster than the current Xbox and maybe launched with the Kinect2 built in.

Reported to be following Nintendo for motion gaming it could have a touch screen offering users input features, possibly having a matt black media hub it will bring gaming to life with augmented reality, directional sound and a four player finger tracking kinect input devise with an HD screen and traditional 360 buttons and sticks.

It is also rumoured to have a cutting edge AMD fusion chip making it capable of Avatar-style graphics and also feature improved artificial intelligence and physical capabilities.

It is also speculated to possible run a variant of the new windows 8,but with all the information around it looks more likely we shall not see the new Xbox 720 until 2014 / 2015.Xbox 720 Concept Design.Xbox 720.Xbox 720 Handheld Screen.

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