iPhone Underwater Case

iPhone 4 Underwater HousingHow much our lives depend on smartphones may be gauged by the fact that new segments for their use are popping up every day. Not just apps that can be downloaded on to your phone, but even physical accessories like protective covers, speakers and lots of other things.

Kenneth Corben, the well-known Emmy-winning American cinematographer who has taken some great footage for National Geographic, Disney and Discovery channels and his partner have launched a fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter.

Their goal was to raise $20000 by January 10 for the tooling required to create a device that will keep your iPhone4/4S dry and safe even when you’re using it to film underwater at depths of up to 100 feet.

The product is likely to be priced in the retail market at $700, and includes the lanyard, teak wood handles, marine grade aluminium housing and a custom hand case. Those who contribute on Kickstarter can get nearly a $300 discount. If you order two pieces for delivery to the same address, shipping is free.

The gadget comprises a waterproof housing with wooden handles at both ends. All you need to do is to place your iPhone 4/4S inside the housing, snap the housing cover shut and dive into the ocean or sea. To take pictures, hold the handles and shoot. The handles increase to the stability of the shot.

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Francis Pybis