Orchestra of Strangers, London Underground Concert

Shaun Buswell, Orchestra of Strangers, London Underground Concert

Orchestra of Strangers, Not Always a Good Result

Shaun Buswell, a 36 year old from Swindon has recruited around seventy musicians to play a gig for charity. Buswell approached over three hundred people on the Tube and managed to get the orchestra together by the 12 December 2012, he has called the project the 12.12.12 Underground Orchestra Challenge.

The money raised from the event will go to the Daytrippers charity, they help children with disabilities and life limiting or terminal illnesses.

Buswell said: “Amazingly I found everyone I wanted apart from someone who played the English horn. And the last musician I found, who plays the euphonium, works Transport for London. It’s been an incredibly humbling experience.”

Buswell had a number of rules for the recruits, the initial meeting needed to be in the tube network and they had to be carrying there instrument. He also only recruited people he wasn’t already acquainted with.

Buswell said initially ticket sales were a bit slow, however with the recent media coverage they have started to pick up.

You can buy tickets for the 12.12.12 project on their own website 121212.org.uk. You can also check out the video below.

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Francis Pybis