Glow in the Dark Surfing Down Under

welcome to summer, Strongbows Surfing StuntWhat a way to start of the summer, hundreds of people gathered at the world famous Bondi beach to watch Strongbows unusual ‘welcome to summer’ campaign.

The cider company sponsored 17 surfers for the event; they all had luminous wet suites, and their surf boards were edged with fluorescent paint. The sight was absolutely spectacular when they all took to the water that night.

When the surf film makers and photographers Jack McCoy, Bali Strickland and Eugene Tan first heard about the crazy idea they all knew they had to be involved and be there to film such a unique event.

Jack McCoy said he had never filmed anything like this in his 30 year career; the surfers who took part were so pumped up the air was electric as they carved the waves in the beautiful setting of the beach, although the pictures are fantastic it was one of those had to be there to believe it moments and really did have that summer is coming feeling.Glow in the Dark Surfing at the welcome to summer campaignGlow in the Dark Surfing at the welcome to summer campaignStrongbow 'welcome to summer' campaignSurfing in the Dark 'welcome to summer' campaign

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