Strikers Should Be Shot, Clarkson all powered up


Jeremy Clarkson says Strikers Should Be ShotJeremy Clarkson has done it again, upset loads of viewers who tuned into BBC’s One Show. Clarkson had been invited on the show hosted by Matt Baker and Alex Jones to speak about his new DVD: Clarkson Powered Up.

As the controversial star started talking about the current issue of the one day strike the presenters looked most awkward, Clarkson said “Frankly i would have them all shot, I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families.

“he went on to say “How dare they go on strike when they have all these guilt edge pensions that are guaranteed while the rest have to work.”

These comments made Jeremy the hot topic on Twitter with the Left Wing Labour Matters encouraging viewers to complain to the BBC and posted their details on Twitter.

On the plus side Jeremy did praise the ‘Fantastic’ strike, it emptied London which meant you could whiz around, the restaurants were empty and at the airports people were streaming through.

Further on in the show Clarkson also moaned about the trains and how sometimes he would use them to get into London and that they would quite often stop at Reading due to someone throwing themselves in front of the train and bursting.

He went on to say “You just think why have we stopped because we’ve hit somebody, what’s the point it won’t make them better.”Once again presenter Matt Baker stressed to viewers it was only Jeremy’s view.

When the One Show first new about the strike Alex Jones said they had wanted a guest that was balanced and uncontroversial and they got Jeremy. When he did talk about his new DVD he said it was as exciting as’ watching Piers Morgan explode!’

Later a BBC spokesman said they apologised to viewers who might have been offended by Jeremy’s comments stating he dose tend to exaggerate topics for a comical effect.One Show presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones were forced to apologise for Clarkson's commentsJeremy Clarkson with David CameronJeremy Clarkson at Heathrow TodayPublic Sector Strikers

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