Walking on Water is now a Reality

November 18, 2011 12:08 am 0 comments
Walking on water is now a reality Image Walking on water is now a reality Image Walking on water is now a reality Image

The water powered jet pack used to be only available to the very wealthy or ardent Bond fans but now the new Jetlev R200 can be hired for around £150 a day.

The new jet packs improved system has taken the weight from the pack itself and put it into the pod unit and as it only weighs around 9kg it doesn’t take much pressure to get you in the air.

The Jetlev cost around £60,000 and works by sucking up water from the ocean through a huge hose and then blasting it out of the pack.  The Jetlev trainer Dean O’Malley will train you to eventually be able to do figures of eight and lift up just enough so you can experience the rush of  walking on water, and the powerful pumps will make you blast up 30ft in the air like flying without wings!

The Jetlev R200 has a harness to strap you into the jetpacks frame you then have two handles for steering and stability and a throttle for speed control, there are two jets that forcefully push out streams of water that is pumped up through a large hose.

It is already available to hire in Singapore and Germany also in the U.S. states of Hawaii, Florida, and Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Although at £150 a day it is still expensive a lot more of us could experience the thrill of this new jetpack technology.



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