Kelly Brook miscarriage five months into her pregnancy

We are sad to report Kelly Brook has lost her baby five months into her pregnancy. The 31 year old actress and model is among a number of high status celebrities who have lost their babies in recent months.
In February this year, Amanda Holden from the X Factor lost her baby seven months into her pregnancy.
Back in November Lily Allen suffered her second miscarriage six months into her pregnancy, in 2008 she lost her baby four months in.

Professor Lesley Regan from St Mary’s Hospital, London, has seen an increase in the number of reported miscarriages.

One of the many reasons is that miscarriages arise more frequently with age and many women these days are having their babies later in life.

There could also be a question around nutrition when it comes to celebrities actresses and models who are always dieting because they need to look perfect.

The Professor also stated early miscarriages (before 13 weeks) are usually due to chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo. Whereas late miscarriages can be caused by anatomical problems with the uterus and cervix, infections or blood-clotting disorders.
She went on to say late miscarriages are much more uncommon and Kelly Brook’s at 13 weeks is unusual.

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Francis Pybis