Mobile phone recycling; should I sell my mobile?


We are seeing many new sites offering to buy your old mobile phone, but which one gives the best deal; we are taking a look at four mobile recycle shops.

First off is Mazuma Mobile, you will have seen them advertising on TV over the last couple of months; with their catchy Mazuma tune from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
They are buying around 150,000 mobiles every month and they do give very good prices.

RPC Recycle also have a great program for buying mobiles and they can pay you using PayPal which is a good idea, it makes the process very quick and easy.

Mobile Phone Xchange is one of the biggest recyclers of mobile phones in the UK. They offer good cash deals and if you have more than 10 mobiles to sell, they offer a dedicated account manager.

Their website is very easy to use; you enter your mobile model, get a valuation and then send them your phone. They then send you the money.
Another top recycle shop is the Phone Recycle bank, they buy 750 different models of mobile phones.
They guarantee that if they cannot repair or reuse any parts of the mobile, they will recycle it correctly in accordance with European regulations.

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