Luxury Abu Dhabi hotel with jewel studded Christmas tree


The hotel has twenty-four hour security as although the tree is only valued at about $10,000, the added gems bring the total value to more than $11m, with an array of necklaces , bracelets and watches on the 43ft tree containing emeralds, diamonds and pearls.

The tree with all the usual trimmings as well stands in the lobby of the 302 room Emirates Palace, Mr Hazem Harfoush; the assistant director of marketing explained they have good security with four security guards and cameras but also said that “Abu Dhabi is a safe destination.”
With non-stop interest in the tree it has bought fresh publicity to the hotel, after previous publicity-seeking displays including supposedly the worlds first gold vending machine and a Valentines package worth $1m.

The hotel’s general manager Mr Hans Olbertz explained they have a tree every year and the hotel’s marketing team came up with the idea for something different, The Guinness Book of Records has been asked to certify if The Emirates Palace hotel has the world’s most expensive Christmas tree by Mr Olbertz.

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