Christmas music in shops and restaurants; who wants it?

November 20, 2010 12:35 am 0 comments

With Christmas music already playing in shops and restaurants, the question is do people want to listen to carols and the classic Christmas jingles?

In a recent survey a large percentage of people said they like to listen to music in shops and restaurants. Many said they do not like to hear Christmas songs until December.

The survey suggests that it’s best to find music that meets your clientele’s tastes, this can increase the time spent browsing and in turn give a greater chance of a sale.

The numbers of internet shoppers is increasing every Christmas and that means missing the festive tunes altogether.

Christmas Number One

Last Christmas we had a number one from Rage Against The Machine titled Killing In The Name, which was a shock to many. Joe McElderry was the favourite to take the number one spot. However, Rage Against The Machine managed 50,000 more downloads thanks to a Facebook campaign which had a following of around 950,000 fans.

One of the new Facebook campaigns for the Christmas number one is a track named 4:33 which consists of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence; lovely. This track is by the performer John Cage. The campaign has been dubbed Cage against the Machine.

Organisers are hoping to deny Simon Cowell’s X Factor winner the number one spot again this year.



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