Xbox 360 Kinect controller hacked; use Kinect with a PC

A hacker named Hector Martin is the first person to claim a prize of £1,870 for successfully producing drivers for the Kinect controller. These drivers will be continually updated by a growing community. Hector’s drivers are for Linux systems at the moment.

There is nothing sinister about this hack; it simply allows people to use the Kinect with other computer systems such as PC’s and Apple Mac’s.

There are many applications for the Kinect controller; it may be used to control robots which would be a low cost option for enthusiasts of artificial inelegance and robotics.
Some people are already using the Kinect controller for Art. Schools will be able to use the technology in computer controlled projects.

Apparently Microsoft is not happy with these modifications to their infrared controller, however people are allowed to experiment and modify their equipment, and this can become beneficial for everyone.

Microsoft’s new Kinect controller uses infrared light to fill the room and track your movement. This sophisticated piece of technology allows facial recognition; it also has a microphone for voice recognition.

The Kinect controller can pick you out in a room even if you are playing a game with a group of friends.

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Francis Pybis