iPhone 5 Price, Release Date, New Features

iPhone 5 Release Date
The Launch Day is Here – The big day is finally here, it’s going to be the biggest consumer electronics launch in history. Apple will be announcing their new iPhone 5 and possibly some new iPod models. There may also be an appearance from the new smaller iPad.

iPhone 5 Launch Event – The event is to be held in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts. The event will start at 10am PDT (6pm UK time).

Price –  The iPhone 5 Price is expected to be around the same as the current iPhone4S, this would put the 16GB model at £500, the 33GB at £600 and the 64GB at £700.

Bigger & Tougher – We are expecting to see a bigger iPhone, with at least a 4-inch screen, hopefully it’s going to be stronger; the 4S smashes far too easily. A multitude of rumours having been flying around, we are hoping to see super-tough aluminium casing.
The current iPhone 4S is 3.5-inches; this size screen doesn’t really cut it anymore. The extra real estate is much better for viewing web pages, images and playing games.
It’s rumoured that the phone will also be slightly thinner, we are looking forward to testing the touchy-feeliness of this new beast.

More Power – Again it’s just speculation at this point, we are likely to see a quad-core processor and a double-up of RAM; taking the new phone up to 1GB RAM. The processor and RAM upgrade are both important for the smooth running of the new generation of games and apps.

New Earphones – From the photos we have seen, it looks as though Apple are finally changing their iconic Earphones, the new style (pictured above) look like they will direct the sound more efficiently.

The Camera – As the iPhone has advanced over the years, so has the camera, the iPhone 4S comes with an 8-Megapixcel affair. Apple may opt for a new 10 or 12MP camera, or they may just stick with the perfectly good 8MP sensor; we will see later on today.

Barrtey Life – As the new phone will feature a larger screen, we imagine the battery will have a larger capacity, or maybe the phone will be more efficient.

The iPhone 5 Launch Live – Check back at 6pm UK time, we will be covering the event as it happens, we are looking forward to see if any of the rumours are actually true.
iPhone 5 Price

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