iPad 3 Release Date, Here in March? Possibly an iPad 2S

iPad 3 Comming Soon?There are many rumours flying around about the new iPad 3, but they all seem to be similar for the launch to be around march 2012.

Digitimes reported last November 2011 that panel makers had already started shipping panels for the iPad 3 around 3 million between October and November 2011, various sources stated that production for the iPad 3 started in January and hope to be at full capacity by February 2012.

Other facts going around suggest the new I-pad could have a carbon case as apple hired a carbon fibre expert, it may also have increased battery and graphics power as the new casing suggests also a more streamlined dock connector.

A lot of people are sure the new iPad 3 will have a brand new processor the A6 reported by the Korean Times last year Samsung are making the new A6 processors.

The Wall Street Journal reported last year in November that apple had invested in  Sharp’s LCD plant, other rumours say that Apple is looking to introduce a led light bar and retina display technology.

Another rumour is about the name of the new pad, in china a case maker called Chinee, has started selling cases for a devise its calling iPad 2S, this could be true following the announcement of the new iphone 4S last year which everyone thought would be the iphone 5.

According to several rumours it will be the same as the iPad 2 but with more advanced technology inside and slightly bigger in its depth to accommodate the higher resolution display and pixel density.

For the American market there are rumours that the new pad will run on the newest fourth generation wireless networks.

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